Number of possible 16th note grooves I can play on my kit.


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I have 15 playing surfaces for my hands including not deciding to hit anything. 3 options for my left foot, and 2 for my right foot.

For one 16th note there are 15x15x3x2 = 1350 different combinations.

Therefore, there are 1350^16 = 1.217139329X10^50 measures I can play.

Man, I have lots to practice.


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Sounds a little low to me. Include dynamics and accents, with their own limitless potential and realize that if you're looking from a "groove" perspective then you also have to include every possible time signature which will all alter how a groove is laid down... It gets even more mind bending.

This is a good example of why I say it's idiotic to sit at your kit memorizing and rehearsing and practicing a specific "bag of fills" or "bag of grooves" libraries. It's automatically limiting your potential to do that. It's fine to break down and learn a fill or groove so that you can understand it, but spending the majority of your practice time on things like improvising, foundation techniques, and sub-division will get you so much farther than "perfecting" certain beats or fills. If you have the skill set and you practice being open, listening and responding to music you can let the actual song lead the way you voice and perform fills or grooves, rather than wrenching in your "perfect" pre-programmed fills/beats.

Rhythm is free expression.