NPD Czarcie Kopyto Double


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Ugh, what do you do to a guest who comes into your house and spits at your table? Exactly what the Drummerworld mods have done, throw them out.

If that idiot wants democracy, I vote we permanently ban his IP address.


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I just hate how off topic and derailed a thread gets from one person trolling, or taking such a firm stance on something like this. It turned into a pointless fight over nothing. Just be kind, respectful and treat others how you would treat your friends, family and want to be treated.

As someone who frequents MANY areas of the internet, this place is one of the best. This place is much better than any other forum of social media.

It's good that we have them, but there shouldn't even need to be "rules". I don't have a rule book about who I keep as friends, but I'll tell you this, if someone talks to me like that, and tries to argue EVERY comment I make with an aggressive approach like that they will be gone pretty quick. Everyone should live by 1 simple rule, don't be a D*CK. It will get you very far in life. Trust me.

The admins here are VERY lenient and do an excellent job. They be can be because 95+% of the people here are fantastic humans. I'd like to personally thank them for dealing with the rest.

Also, rather than post 3 comments in a row every time you reply, try putting them all into a single post.

Anyways, back on topic to those kick ass pedals you have. Still jealous I have never tried any, but with 3 double pedals already, I don't see myself buying another for some time. The price in CAD$ would be scary right now too. haha


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I personally have tried hundreds of pedals from the super crappy non brand to Axis, Pearl demon drives , Yamaha direct drives, DW in multiple variations, etc. I set the pedals mostly to what it is more comfortable to me which in some are very similar settings but in others are very different. The Pearl demon drives felt the heaviest and the Axis felt the lightest, my current setup is in between. Pedals will feel very different based on multiple factors such as weight and size of the beater, spring tension, spring size, foot board size and mass. chain, belt or direct drive... (motorcycles have that too)... The point being you can even try this: take the beater and the spring from a pedal and place them on a different pedal. Be detailed about trying to have the same beater height, and the same spring tension. you will still be able to tell a difference.


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Hot dang I predicted Skilas would be banned-I'm either an oracle or a genius. Well maybe an idiot savant. Ok, Ok I'm an idiot but nonetheless I was correct. Ooooh Yeahhhhhh whose bad-me I'm Superbad LOL.


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Hot dang I predicted Skilas would be banned-I'm either an oracle or a genius. Well maybe an idiot savant....
Maybe all 3?

I like my Yamaha DD pedals because of their light feeling response. I don't use my DW9000 because it's got too heavy of a feel for me.
But it might just be all in my head because there are no light or heavy pedals. :p

Those are some high tech cnc pedals you got there Reggae. The look a bit too rich for my blood.


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EDIT: Killed the video, will post a new one later today.

Hi, a short video of the pedals in action. I apologise for not being able to get a multi-cam video going, too many things going on. Any errors in the playing are obviously my fault, but these are very smooth pedals!

Here are some pix to make up for the lack of shots in the video, including the shaft attachments.

Hey man, congrats on the pedals- glad I found your review as I've just emailed the company about ordering my set! Just to be clear in case i've missed this (i tried to read through the thread and became engrossed in the troll comments) is the linkage in the drive shaft completely round and then the part that attaches the pedal is flat? I know you said the pedal is very well engineered but does it feel solid at the connecting points?
Unfortunately I will never get to try these before buying so just covering all my bases!

Thanks in advance, and great playing too! The heel toe/doubles in your video are smooooooooth!