NP calls it quits

Les Ismore

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The guys in Rush should carry on with another drummer. Problem solved.

Neil doesn't want to tour, the other guys do.

Who would be a good replacement?

Already been decided, its this guy.

Rush just hasn't been informed yet that we here on DRUMMERWORLD have already made the descision for them.

Walin's got the knack for the performance (he can play the parts), the threads (can dress like early NP) and the gear (well... anyone can get gear), plus honestly, I think Walin get's a better drum sound the NP, and of course, he needs the work.


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I also think his Buddy Rich Concert performance did expose some fatal flaws in his playing that took him down a few too many pegs, not just in the eyes of other drummers, but in his as well. (I have to say that I was more disappointed by him thinking he had something to prove in that arena, and it did nothing to diminish my love of his rock drumming)
Totally agree. For rock drumming as an art, Neil almost single-handedly set the bar so high (even if he tended to repeat his chops after 1985).

As for jazz, I almost wish he hadn't done the two Buddy Rich concerts.

At the 1991 show, I thought he played OK-ish.

But the 2008 show was really disappointing. On the same bill as a brilliant jazz player like Tommy Igoe, and an all-round monster like John Blackwell, he fared badly.

Maybe, rather than jazz, Neil should have pushed himself more in the direction of progressive fusion to which he was suited.

The stunning playing on the instrumental sections of Freewill or Losing It by Rush, for instance, are examples of what I'm talking about.

He played on virtuoso bassist Jeff Berlin's album in the mid-80s but that was about it.

But, if it is the end, Neil has left an incredible body of work.

Critically and commercially, he is one of the two greatest ever rock drummers, alongside John Bonham.


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They could use this as a chance to really work on their playing...just no need to punish their bodies with a every-other-night 3 hour slog unless $ is needed.

I think they would do well to do something like a monthly vegas show...and rededicate themselves to their playing and song writing....finding the pure joy away from vocation.