Noticable improvements.


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Long story short. Guy stops playing drums, goes into the Navy. Gets out, plays a bunch, get's married; does the whole travel hockey thing with kid. Kids grow up, realize that after finding this website, I need to get into drumming again (with a major new found passion) deciding I need to go back to the basics (rudiments). And of all the material out there, Ihave found that the things that have helped me improve the most, and this is just where I wanted to see improvements: Is a metronome, and setting it at a tempo, say 60 bpm, and just going through the process of doubles, fours stroke roll, five, six etc. and continuing my speed/increasing how many strokes I can squeeze into that temp. I have seen a tremendous improvement with my drum kit playing, as well as with the band; they see it as well. So, my point is: There is a lot of material and resources out there that has been a tremendous help for me, but I zeroed in on my areas of weakness, and this is what helped me. Nothing too complicated, just Keep It Simple.


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Hey man I'm happy for you. You are in a good place and you are feeling good because it shows. Now you need to get in a band and play out. Drumming = happiness