Notes From a Drum Clinic


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Just returned from a great clinic at Seminole Music and Sound with two great drummers. Dave Stark and Forum member John Favicchia. Two different drummers but great teachers and explainers. Both brought lesson sheets and we went through them as a group and I think the audience had a good time with that. John tore it up on some original stuff and my favorite was Progressions. A song he wrote using multiple time signatures that everyone found intriguing.

Dave stark played some funky, dirty, stuff with a lot of syncopation and soul. He was using a iPod device to put in multi instruments looped, and played over it. Great stuff.

Also on hand was Joey Interrante, Director of Sales for GMS. Yes they are alive, as was mentioned in the Drum thread. He also reps Big Bang products, which sells Ahead products and demo'd the Switch Kick beater. I was impressed with the build and the versatility of the available accessories.

All in all a great evening at the Ma and Pa store with two great clinicians and teachers. If you get a chance to see either Dave or John, do it.

(John told me to write good stuff since he is a member, :) )

Dave on the left, John on the right.


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