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Does anyone have a sheet they can share that has hand-written drum notation? I'd love to see how someone else writes out various beats...16ths, rests, etc. Mine looks like chicken scratch, particularly my quarter note rests!

Does anyone have a simple, yet effective method?


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This is a variation of a field corping exercise I came up with last year. It was mostly to help me but occasionally one or two bits ends up as part of an "official" drum corp exercise.

Note: It's written in Pipe Band notation, which is based on Swiss monolinear notation where the right hand is written above the line and left hand below. Once you get used to it, you may find it easier than writing "R"s and "L"s underneath every note. Also, the rolls that you see with ties we play as buzzed five strokes, which are two buzzes into a tap (in place of two doubles and a tap).