Not too engineered drums recording in a band


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I recently started listening to Modest Mouse, specifically their record "No one's first and you're next", and one thing I noted is that their drums track is not too engineered, I mean, it lacks some effects and it awesome because the drums sound very natural. I just wanted to know if you listen any other bands that have this kind of great natural drums sound, because I really enjoy the work Modest Mouse did in this record.

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wilco is another band that comes to mind with natural sounding drums. but a lot of "indie" music has natural sounding drums. maybe that's part of the style or maybe the artists just can't afford a lot of fancy engineering. i've noticed that the drums on modest mouse recordings ring a lot and have kind of a raw, old school sound to them. i'm sure that's deliberate and part of the modest mouse sound.


Most of the time "rack" equipment is way over used. I really need a definite reason to use effects, like an insane producer breathing down my back.and reaching for the knobs, lol. This also goes for compression, I hate to hear anything that has the life squeezed out of it. Back in my early days behind the console, the only compressor we had was our hands. In all recordings we track we use a room mic to add a sense of depth and atmosphere to the track and depending on what is wanted, that mic seldom gets potted up very far, if at all. The mastering engineer will thank you for not over processing the tracks, this gives him the ability to dramatically enhance the dynamics of the tracks if needed before their pressings.Yes, thing have changed, but I believe that you don't have to use every piece of equipment just because it's siting in the rack.

Just from my experience,