Not sure what this is on my tom...


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Found this on my 12" tom yesterday. Right above the bottom lug. The line on the left-hand side is just where the ply meets. What I'm trippin about form the bottom lug half-way up the the top lug. Doesn't look like a crack, there is no visible damage to the ply in the interior or from the bearing edge. The lacquer doesn't have a crack in it either. I never noticed this before, so I'm thinking it might just be part of the finish. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


"Uncle Larry"
That is odd. It looks like they messed up, cut the piece too short, realized it, and did a beautiful piece together job on it. Did you buy these new?


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That's not a break in the veneer. It's either a machining mark/crease, or possibly a wiitness left behind from marking out for drilling. The break in the veneer is the very obvious angled joint to the right.


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Thanks for the feedback guys. It doesn't seem to affect the sound so I'm not too concerned. Bought it brand new last March. I was just hoping it wasn't a crack in the ply/veneer or anything that could cause trouble in the future.