Not Just Another "shoe" Thread..


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Hey guys, I know the "help me find drumming shoes" threads have been beaten into the dirt, but I've got a bit of different scenario here that I am sure some people on this board share.

I really like the looks(sole, ball heal, flat sole) of the Puma Speed Cats, unfortunately I have extremely wide feet, EXTREMELY!

I am looking for something similar to the Speed Cats if at all possible, but obviously the biggest hurdle here is finding a shoe wide enough for my feet. I don't need some crazy large size like 16^3. I am 12 or 13 if the Brand runs small, I just need something wide that will accommodate for my troll feet.

Thank You!


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Cats or speed cats? I wasn't sure if there was a difference..

That's awesome to hear, I've read that they run much more narrow than most, so thats why I was so skeptical


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I'm lost for words. :)
Haha don't take me for a complete ninny (love your name by the way)

There aren't many local stores around that carry and the ones that do don't offer then above a 9 >.<

I figured I was going to have to order online, which is why the 200 or so reviews I read of the shoe being narrow had turned me off.


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Check out a light hiking shoe like the Scarpa Mojitos

Light, flexible and wider than a regular sports shoe.