North Drums

Push pull stroke

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Sorry but I just can't do it. They are hideous and sound like Tupperware. Actually, I'd rather play Tupperware. At least Tupperware doesn't require you to be 9' tall to play them.
I bet they’d sound a lot better if they were made from a different material. I think the shape has promise.
I never saw a North in action but I saw couple of Staccatos, maybe they were more popular in Europe.
Dry sounding but easy to mike and good projection. On stage those drums were unrivalled visually.
Here is a huge Staccato set up. Interesting set up and solo.
Staccato solo
I think it’s really dry, hydraulic skins, tuned high, I remember deeper Tom sound.
Ha! Thanks for the link. That was fun! What I'm curious about is those drums on the left that kind of look like octobons, except that the heads appear to be above the rim ... more like a hand drum.