Normal mounting to l rod mounting... is it possible?


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Ok i have been getting very pissed of with the normal mounting system on my toms because i just cannot get good angles with them and its driving me crazy because im trying to get a good flow, so im just wondering if its possible to change normal mounting into l rod mounting because it seems so easy to move them around and make it flow.


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Make/model of your kit would help. But, generally, you can change to "any system" you want. Personally, I use RIMS on all my toms (if not just a single rack tom on a snare stand) and I have Yamaha mounts on all my RIMS. And enough Yamaha tom arms to go around. That way, I'm not a slave to, Ludwig L arms, or Ludwig modular, or Ludwig clip mounts, or Pearl mounts, or Zickos, or Tama L arms, old Camco mounts, Rogers Swivo-matic or Memri-loc systems, the dreaded Walberg & Auge plate/tab style mount, etc.