Normal coiled steel vs synthetic gut for Ludwig P-87


Hey y'all, I reconsidered my old 80's Ludwig R/C snare and I'm looking into buying some synthetic gut snare wire. It's a 5x14 snare and I'll be putting a Remo coated ambassador over Remo hazy snare side, tuned high and mostly being used for jazz, R&B, old school country, and some lighter rock.

What are the differences between the two sounds and has anybody used them on a P-87 for the genres mentioned before?


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Gut is usually a dry, very crisp sound with little ,if no after buzz.
Usually found in drum corps or orchestral where that sound texture is required.

Snare wires are a wetter sound, usually used if you need a more fat , sensitive or snare buzz.
More for jazz or rock.


Wouldn't it be a good snare to have in our bag of tricks?


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I've got a mix on mine and it sounds great. I got some Yamaha gut strands and alternated them with coilde steel wire and it sounds like the best of both worlds. I've had several producers try to borrow it when I wasn't available.


So I ordered a set of the L1108 synthetic gut snares from Musicians' Friend to put on the snare. MF said they were out of stock until mid-April, but somehow my order shipped out two days ago and came in yesterday! I'm quite pleased and surprised but before I slap them on, I gotta get the bearing edges re-done. I'll report back in when that's all said and done.