NorCal Percussionsts Thread


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Inspired by the PNW thread and some of the responses, this seemed appropriate. ;-)

So who is all in NorCal from Monterey to Tahoe to the Oregon border and what would you like to share?

Ill start:

I'm about 30 Miles East of Sacramento at the edge of the Sierras.
Relocated to Calf in 1989
Playing pro/semi-pro since 1970


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I'm in Vacaville. 30 miles west of Sacramento. Originally from Arkansas and moved to California in '96. Met my wife of 13 years playing in the Vallejo community jazz band. She was in the sax section. I play in a blues band and just joined a country/classic rock band. I don't gig nearly as much as I would like. During the week I have a soul crushing day job.


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In the Bay Area. Playing in Santa Cruz Saturday, range up to the mid peninsula or so. Occasionally into The City or East Bay.


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In Patterson, Originally from Richmond. Been playing since 87. Not much going on the last 5 years I have been in the music scene, unless you are a Mariachi.


In Grass Valley, the Sierra foothills, 60 miles northeast of Sacramento.
Just starting my third drumming "career".
Played as a kid in the 70s, then again around 2000-2001.
Just getting back into it again, hopefully it sticks this time :)


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Not in Northern California anymore, but

I was born and raised in San Francisco, and lived in the city for 24 years.

Grace Slick apparently patted me on the head when I was a baby.

I worked at DrumWorld on Geneva for 4 years.

I worked at Guitar Center when it was on Mission St for just shy of 2 years.

and B Street Music for another 2 years.

And gigged many bars in and around the bay area before moving south.


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I'm in San Francisco, originally from Ireland but have been living in the States on and off for 20 years, aside from 2 years in LA and a few months in Chicago, my time here has been spent in either the city or Oakland. I play in a band in SF and a band in Oakland. What with San Francisco fast becoming a playground for people with six figure salaries and young Twitter millionaires my time here is probably running down, may end up in Sacramento before the year is out.

Still drive down 9th St everyday and get nostalgic for Sam Adato's Drum Shop, which now is a fancy bedding store of some kind.


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San Leandro checking in. I'm playing bluesy psych/doom/garage rock with a guitarist. We split a rehearsal space @ Rehearse America in east oakland. We haven't played out yet. We're ironing out our set right now and hopefully we can start playing some small gigs and start working our way up in the area.

Awesome to see some Normal folks here!


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In Dixon, CA. Roughly 30 miles east of Sacramento. Grew up in Southern California in the 80's and 90's playing punk during the hair-metal era in Hollywood. Now I play in a punk band in Sac, and occasionally sit in with two Dadrock bands (one country and one classic rock).