Non ported bass resonant head..... quick question


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My bass drum resonant head, Gretsch renown, stock head. Causes the beater to "bounce" I am pretty sure this is because the bass head is not ported.

I am going to a studio next week, should I port it just to be safe?

I am scared the "bounce" might come out in the recording...I can hear it when I play, but its not noticeable to anyone else.

Also, does anyone know what heads the gretsch comes with on the resonant bass drum?


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two things come to mind here.

One it sounds like you might possibly be burying the beater into the batter head which you really don't want to do which is a technique issue. You want to let the beater rebound off the head just as a stick rebounds off the head. Play to the head not through the head.

Two, you might experiment with the tension of your heads.

I've recently started playing with an un-ported head and like the tone much better. Better resonance and overall tone. I think if you are concerned you might want to contact the studio you are recording at and ask them their opinion on which records better, ported or no port.


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this is one thing I really like about the stock DW non batter head that come with the little vent holes around the radius. You get all the tone while it allows the drum to breath a little. It also, as I found out three weeks ago, mics up quite well.



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If you are recording with your kit you should bring a ported reso with you as well. This way you can have a solid reso or a ported one. Simple as that. The bouncing is probable technique/tuning related. I am solid reso guy myself.


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Haven't been playing long, but have gone through 3 solid bass heads. First two were already on the drums and felt great, when I finally replaced my first head I got the bounce you were describing and it was really messing me up. I did a lot more tuning and it went away, seems to be a range that you can get a lot of pitch difference in without getting the bounce, but if either head is too tight it's a burst fire.