No ride? good, bad idea?


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Every "crash/ride" cymbal that I have played has had a very disappointing "ride" sound. I just haven't tried any that have a bright enough "ping" for me. In contrast, I have heard many crashes that have a pleasing "ride" quality. Don't think that that only applies to larger cymbals... My two "main" crashes are 16" and 18" Sabian AAXplosions, and the 16" has a MUCH nicer "ride" sound when ridden on the bell. If you rarely need a ride, and you have a crash that gives you a ride sound that agrees with you and your music, then why spend the extra (hard-earned) dough?


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I once went through an entire practice without realizing I had swapped the positions of my 19" AAXPlosion Crash and 20" AAX Stadium ride by mistake... and I didn't even notice until packing up, except that I thought the crash (which was actually a ride) felt clunkier than normal! But the ride (which was actually a crash) didn't sound any worse, the bell at least...


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What the ink on the cymbal say is not omportant. If your 19'' thin crash (or whatever) sounds good as a crash/ride it is the best damn crash ride in the world for you. Don't be fooled by what's common and what's "right"
TRUTH. I've got an awesome 20in Vintage Zildjian crash ride but I always find a reason to leave it at home. Probably because I just like the sounds coming off my crashes as rides. If that's what works for you, go with it.



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I remember Lars quit using rides from the "And Justice" album to the Black album...I quit listening to them after that so I don't know if he came back to using them....


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You know what makes this "gourmet" popcorn? The label does, otherwise it's just popcorn. Jut like cymbals, don't let the label fool you. A ride can be a crash and a crash can be ride, otherwise they're all cymbals.