no one knows fill


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I have been playing the drums for 4 years now and recently tried learning "no one knows" of Queens of the stone age, A relatively easy song.
the only problem I have is in the 3rd fill in the chorus, I cant seem to extract the fill by ear and found no tab that explains clearly what to play.
Thats the only part that separates me from playing the entire song.
Thanks for the help!
I learned the whole song about 2 years ago, still play it for fun.

It DOES sound harder than it does, as does every other song on Songs For The Deaf.
It's more or less just triplets, it's like 1-triplet 2-triplet 3-triplet 4-triplet 5-triplet 6-triplet 7-triplet 8-triplet
Between the hi-tom

Starts of on the hi-tom and snare then ends on Floor tom and snare.

After that fill on the second verse I just improvise that part.


Floor toms, flams and end on a triplet.
The song is really easy, just need to use your ear :)