No Nuts?


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Anyone tried these cymbal sleeves yet? They look like they'd get the job done well sonically, replace the usual cymbal stand accessories, and simplify setup/break down.
(OK, let the jokes fly if necessary. I didn't name them!;))



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A guy I'm friends with on fb uses these.

I'm tempted, don't use top felts so these make sense


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why are they saying no felt required... That's just weird. Cymbals sound better with a felt in there.

Also not since I was a beginner have I needed to use any top felts or wing nuts. If you're playing a cymbal in a normal way it's not going to fly off.

Lastly my cheap sleeves from Gibralter screw down onto the stand so that's nothing new.


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I haven't used these but I'd try them. The only thing I'm not sure about is the height. I wonder if it's enough to keep them there in the wind.

They really shouldn't get in my way, but I wouldn't know until I gigged with them. I like how 100% of the bell is exposed. I use Cymbal Crowns which also take no lateral real estate. I like them but they break after a while. These don't look like they would break.


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I've tried them at a studio and at NAMM, and I have 2 sets but I haven't started to use them yet.

They can definitely be used without a felt, but you could easily put one on if there's a question about sound. It's unlikely that a cymbal, even a China at an angle, would work its way of the stem, which is pretty tall. I think it's a little too tall, and I may cut them down and inch or so. Then again, it's just a cosmetic thing, I'd be the only one who sees it.



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I dont know how this "no wingnut" revolution got started, but I dont get it. I hear no appreciable sound difference between a cymbal with a wing nut and one without. Maybe I dont crank them down enough, but they shouldn't be cranked down that hard anyway. The cymbal should swing freely.

I highly recommend the Tama quick release wing nuts or the Pearl locking nuts if setup/tear down is a concern for you. No wing nuts sounds like an accident waiting to happen.


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No wing nuts means no wing nuts to drop or lose, and you save a few seconds. The no nuts idea goes back to the ‘60s with Zilbel (Zildjian?) cymbal snaps, and ‘toppers’ around the same time. I use Camber toppers locally and on tour. No muss, no fuss, no wing nuts or top felt to handle or lose. I’m all about making things easy for me or whoever handles my drums on tour.


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Gotta check this out. One of my only equipment failures was dropping the sleeve and felt and of course nut.
Plus too, "No Nut" is much better than nutless.


Since I only bring 3 cymbals typically, I've been using the Sweet Spot cymbal toppers in blue. Purely aesthetic, (they compliment my kit color) but I also like them cause they are larger and not so easy to lose. It takes a few seconds to thread, but again - 3 cymbals so....