no information inside shells

i bought a 100th anniversary ludwig classic maple kit of ebay a few months ago and never gave it much thought, but just noticed recently there's no information stamped/stickered on the inside of the shells. i feel like whenever i see pictures i see a circle shaped sticker on the inside.

is it common for ludwigs to not include them?


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The labels were (re)introduced in 2013 and include a unique bar-code serial #. Prior to that, all you could expect to see inside a shell was a rubber-stamped date of manufacture. Exceptions are a short period from the late '60s thru early '70s. Supraphonics also had a "Ludalloy" label in them during that era.

thanks for clearing that up! the 100 year badge is sort of an indicator, would have been nice for some sort of marking on the shells though.