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I've been getting bombarded with 'Buy, Buy, Buy' - Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and so on.
Lots of really good deals available, but I feel like I have everything I could want or need.
Makes me feel like I'm missing out on the action a little.
Maybe that's a good thing?

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Same boat mate. I'm 100% done with GAS here. For drums. I'm sticking with what I've got. I feel it's my duty to let as many people experience the late Guru drums as possible.

Cymbals however...I can't say I'll never buy another cymbal.


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One of my new year's resolutions, coming into this year, was to stop GASing, and concentrate on playing. Instead of spending time ogling and lusting over gear, the resolution went, I would devote to actually playing music.

Some bits worked better than others.

On the drumming front, I did pretty well. My drum kit is way ahead of my abilities, and I am completely happy with my cymbals. Total drum related purchases were a set of heads and 2 pairs of sticks. The heads were to replace the stock heads that came with my kit almost two years ago.

On the guitar front, I did abysmally badly. I acquired a (Squier) Tele, a new amplifier and swapped from a Boss effects processor to the onboard modelling on the new amp plus a moderately sized pedal board, which I built. Mostly a new purchase means that something that has to head out to make room for it. Mostly.


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Same here, whenever I find myself browsing the web for something I don't need I go downstairs and work the pad or practice brushes.
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I’ve moved to mics and recording gear, so for the most part have all the drum dear I need or want. Funny part is, my gear is actually shrinking drum wise. It wasn’t something I set out to do conceiously, but I bought a 1U/2D set last year, knowing full well the 2nd floating tom add on would likely be cost prohibitive. After years of 3U/2D, I finally got used to the single rack tom and where things are placed. So long as I can still twist, I’ll keep the 2nd FT. I just love the sound of the 14 with the rumble option of the 16. This set up really surprised me, but higher end kits all come in less pieces, so I had to accept the change. Got lucky on the 2nd FT.

Last year there were also seven cymbals on my drums, but three have made their way to the cymbal bag and not come out for months! Another may soon follow. I’ve been working on complex patterns and focusing on learning fills...I suck at fills and needed to get things in a bit closer to start. I got used to things and now really like the setup.

The recreation is for me to finally be able to hear what I’m doing and focus on cleaning things up, hearing the impact of hitting cymbals in different areas, etc. Things I have never been able to zero in on.

Not sure if I’all ever grow my drums again. I just don’t know at this point. Can’t commit to no more cymbals though! I love my HHX Evolution series, but may want to add another line for a different sound. May let a gig situation dictate that. I can certainly cover most things with what I already have. It’s one of the reasons I bought the Evos, but super trashy they can’t do.

Still experimenting with my three snares to see what all they can sound like. Mics and recording gear will definitely help. With ear plugs or cans on, it’s just too tough to tell.


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Whatever, after years and years I finally DID buy something and Im so glad I did! How did you people let me live like this for so long, should be ashamed of yourselves?!? Yay cheap v-drums!!!


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I already had a small bout with GAS this year - the goal was to get myself two full kit setups so that I have a practice kit set up, and a kit in the cases/set up at church. I accomplished that, minus cymbals. Basic gear acquired for this:

1 kit - Gretsch Catalina Club Bop
1 kick pedal - Tama IC 600
1 throne - Gibraltar 9608
2 Cymbal Stands
Cases for the Gretsch kit - kick bag, 2 tom bags

The last piece of gear is an upgrade on my cymbal bag, and the missus ordered that yesterday - a Mono M80 - but that wasn't available for any kind of sale or discount.


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My wishlist is short - cymbals and a couple of snares.

None of the cymbals I am interested in go on sale in the stores. At least not at a price to make me jump.

The couple of snares I am interested in are older, and will be bought through private sales.

I appreciate new gear, but don't covet any of it. Very happy with what I own. It's a nice place to be.


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I am happy with my set, and I haven't bought any drum related gear for months.

Wish I could say the same about my bass gear.


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I am happy with my set, and I haven't bought any drum related gear for months.

Wish I could say the same about my bass gear.

Oh-oh, if bass counts then I spoke too soon.
I ordered several pickups to modify a few of my basses.
So - I guess all the 'pressure to buy' got to me too - LOL


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I didn't need or want anything really, but I bought a prototype sabian of some sort from my favorite local drum shop mostly to support them. Got a steal, and now have either a present for another drummer or another sonic option.


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I definately got better control over my GAS now than ever before, at least when it comes to drumkits. I used to switch drumkits at least once a year during a period of about 10 years (2004-2014). At least for me, it helps that I play a big doublebass kit now, and it is a hassle to get a good price on those compared to what I bought it for, and getting a new kit in the same size without waiting a long time for all the components. I would probably never stop lusting for new/different cymbals or the occasional snare, but I feel those are minor purchases that don't feel as much of a burden to get. So yeah, happy with what I got at the moment :). And usually I just really need to buy cymbals when/if I have a crack in my old ones...


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I got bit.
My Sweetwater wish list had 2 items that were slashed better than Freddie Kruger could do & I took the bait.

A pair of 15" New Beat hats that I've wanted for a good year & a case for my 20" kick.
Prices so low on these I felt like a criminal.