Nicko mcbrain


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He is awesome I love the trooper and where eagles dear
His triplets are awesome I wish I could do what he dose


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How old are you Drumlord?

What other drummers/ styles of music do you listen to?

How long have you been playing?

I think I'm more interested in hearing about you than about McBrain, honestly.


No Way Jose

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I wish I could see Nicko McBrain better in videos, he has so many drums and cymbals all I see is some of his head.


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Hello Drumlord I appreciate those 3 as well. Nicko seems like such a cool guy, for his age he still can get down. I like his kit that has the Maiden album art that he’s contributed to as well. His ride position is interesting as well.


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Oh and sugarfoot has the most insane behind the head cymbal sweep (is what I call hit and mute) I have ever seen.


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I’ve seen Maiden a couple of times live and was blown away both times by Nicko’s playing. His playing sometimes feels frantic and like he’s going to derail but he doesn’t. He sounds and looks natural playing on the edge like that.

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You can't not love Nicko!
Love his playing, and humour. Seems like a genuinely good man. His kits are always spectacular. His cymbals are to die for. His right foot is excellent and his ride patterns are sweeeet. One of my many drum heros.


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I just saw Nicko with Iron Maiden a couple of weeks ago in Hartford, CT. They were unbelievably great, and the venue was packed to the gills. I am a big fan of Nicko's drumming and his bright, positive personality. I recently acquired a Paiste 22" Reflector Bell "Powerslave" Ride, and it is one heck of a great cymbal.