Nickel finish on Tama Trackmaster snare drum


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I recently picked up a Trackmaster snare in a trade. It needed cleaning, so after getting the grunge off, I started to polish the hoops with a good metal polish. It wouldn't really buff off. I had to wash with dish soap to get it off. Now they are looking cloudy. Highly annoyed!!

According to Tama, the hoops (and lugs and strainer) on this drum are nickel plated. Do they apply clear lacquer on nickel parts? I wasn't thinking of this when I started the cleaning process.

I figured my next step is to try a lacquer polishing cloth, used for lacquered horns, to try to restore the finish somewhat

Any thoughts? What did I do wrong? If the polishing cloth doesn't work, what is my next step?



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I have no specific knowledge re: wether Tama use lacquer or not, but you should never polish nickel with a metal polish. Most metal polishes are effectively part rubbing compound, and as such, are highly abrasive. That's maybe not a big issue on something very hard like chrome, but nickel is very soft. I can't advise you accurately without seeing the pieces, & I know the affect will be difficult to photograph.


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Here is a link to the Pearl Drummers Forum where a guy details how he cleans his gold plated hardware. Its pretty non abrasive and seems to work wonders. This may be the way to clean the nickle hardware without affecting its finish in a negative way.
Thanks for the link, but I didn't see anything mentioned about lacquer. Does Pearl put lacquer on their gold plated hardware? Based on what that link shows, I don't think they do. Looks like a great cleaning method for any bare plated surface, though.

I think that I'm going to have to remove the damaged lacquer from the rims and decide if I should have them re-lacquered at a plating shop or not