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I’m new to drumming, taking it up at the grand old age of 55. Any hints, tips or advice would be gratefully received. I have had to stop playing guitar because arthritis is a bitch, but drumming seems to be helping. I am also really enjoying it.
As I said any help or advice is more than welcome.


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Welcome Aboard!

Not sure I have any words of advice, other than enjoy! and find friends to play with, but you'll find tons of useful and friendly advice here on everything drum-related.


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Welcome. I would spend a lot of time reading through this forum. Spend time on the Tecnique section and don’t waste time asking “what is the best (fill in the blank). You will get a lot of opinion that will only comfuse. Also go to Youtube and Search drum lessons but ignore anything from Expert Village. There are so many questions and answers on this forum, you could spend the next 55 years reading but that is Ok. And as a newbie familiarize yourself with the forum rules and please post questions in the proper section, now go have fun. Johnny
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Welcome! I am glad you are here. There is a lot of solid information on this forum and all over the internet. Always remember to have fun!!


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Welcome you've to the right place I hope you "stick"around cause this place has a plethora of drummers from beginners to pros (a great bunch, supportive, and one of most civil forums I've ever participated) and DW is a cornucopia of knowledge and info-I've often argued encyclopedic. Bernhard should write a Encyclopedia and call it "Ask Drummerworld" which would be a condensed version of about every drum-percussion, recording, music, industry, technology, business related question you could think of that has been asked here. It's too funny how many drum related searches I"ve done that leads you to DW.

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Welcome! Welcome! As member, "GetAgrippa" said, this is a wonderful place for drum and drummer knowledge! And I agree: Bernard should write a book! Of course, nothing beats the site, itself!!! There's tons and tons of drummers listed on the main page that you can learn about.

My all-time favorite drummer, of course, is the legendary Ronnie Tutt who (of course) has worked both with Elvis Presley & from 1981 until his announcement of retiring from live shows due to being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, the legendary Neil Diamond. Neil, of course, will still record so I suspect that Tutt is still, technically, his drummer but - there won't be any more tours or live shows, sadly.


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Thanks for the welcome guys, very much appreciated. I have a teacher who I am confident will keep me on the right track. I now have my own drum kit so I will be able to have unlimited practice, in theory, although the wife and the neighbours may say different.
I have a Mapex V-Series kit that is second hand but virtually new. It still has the original Mapex Heads, is it worth changing them for better ones?

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Yes. On three fronts. First, for better sounding drums and to experience your kit with new heads. 2nd, to begin to learn about seating and tuning the drum heads and snare wire R&R. And third, to hear for yourself / learn some of the differences between the various head types.

To the 3rd point, I would pick one drum, a smaller tom would be a good starting point, and get several different batter heads, single ply, double ply, etc. And hear some of the differences.

I have a similar story. Old. Long time guitarist, got into drums about 5 years ago. Enjoy.


Old thread revamp.

I started drums last year, Im 60. Played bass all my life but this is way more fun..should have done it sooner.
I'm no good at formal practise so I've basically learned by playing along to fav tunes.....and then working on those interesting bits that I cant figure.
Isn't it amazing just how many 4 time disco tunes have a tricky fill in the middle!
Anyway you could be a well known celeb by now, but if not hows it going?


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When i started drumming at the ripe old age of 16 ( :p ) internet was up and coming. I browsed a lot on the Drummerworld video page and had a huge library of inspiration there. Even though I'm a rock/metal drummer, I enjoy looking and fusion and jazz drummers. So my advice is to branch out to other genres than your preference, because there is so much to learn and get inspired by! Btw 35 at the moment and I'm still wondered about all the talent in the world. I follow a couple of YouTube channels such as the know brands like Zildjian, Pearl, Zidjian, Meinl, Sabian, Sick drummer magazine, and famous drummers like Simon Phillips, Virgil Donati, Mike Portnoy, Terry Bozzio, Dave Weckl etc. and every week there are a bunch of videos where there are a couple of 'gonna steal that fill/groove' moments haha