Newbie question about blisters and hi hat rods.


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Hey guys.

I have a somewhat ignorant question to ask.

I used to play the drums about 10 years ago, but never seriously and I never practiced. This time I am practicing for at least 1 1/2 hours a day to try and get better :p

So the question I have is, I got a blister on the pad of my index finger of my hi hat hand and while playing today, it exploded haha. Is this ok? As in, is it normal to be getting blisters when playing, if you haven't been playing for a while? I feel super stupid asking this but want to make sure I am not getting them because of inocrrect technique.

It might be worth noting it's only this hand and finger that has a blister (at the moment).

The other question I have is is it normal for my hi hat rod to keep unscrewing when playing? This is SO frustrating! I have tightened it about 5 times in as many days. I bought the kit brand new, so is it something that happens or should I take the hi hat stand back? This never happened on my old, crappy drum kit I used to have and this is a Pearl so I am a bit frustrated!

Any help is really appreciated, and I apologise for the idiotic questions.



Bo Eder

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I will say its normal to get blisters. I've never gotten one on the pad of my index finger, I usually got them just above the joint on the hand because that's where the stick is being held somewhat loosely.

I would think with practice and basic building up, you'll no longer get blisters (I haven't gotten a blister now in ten years (at least).

The hi-hat rod shouldn't be coming loose. Perhaps you really need to crank it in there. Sometimes the new stands are so well engineered parts just loosen because there's no friction to keep them from moving! But perhaps your rod is missing something. On my hi-hat stands (I have Tama), there is a piece of rubber on the plastic part of the rod that screws into the rest of the stand, and that provides the friction for the rod not to loosen. Maybe yours needs this?

Formless Method

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If you are getting blisters you are doing something wrong. I have been playing 20 years and never had one. You may be choking the stick with your grip. I play hard and heavy and also light at times. Never had a blister but my grips always been loose. Hold sticks tight enough so they dont fly out of your hand and no tighter. That might help


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I have to ask this, how does one get a blister on the pad of their index finger from drumming? I can understand one at the crease of the first joint of the index finger on the outside, but the pad shouldn't be touching the stick at all.
I had a student once who would put his index finger along the stick, that is pointing at the tip. It was the first, and perhaps most important, thing I had to correct with him.


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I think the blister is from an issue with your grip and/or technique. I know there are some pro drummers who get blisters, but I have always been taught that you shouldn't get blisters with proper technique. I've been playing 36 years now, no blisters.

As for the hi-hat stand, a bit of plumber's teflon tape or LocTite on the treads will solve the problem. I see you are in New Zealand, so I'm not sure what brand names you might find, but a hardware store should be able to fix you up.


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I used to get blisters at the crease of my index finger on the first and second joint. I always blamed it on those days that would consist of hours and hours of playing or practicing. Now, I have a callus at either end of the crease. I haven't had a blister in years. Let it toughen up. Seems pretty normal to me. Much like guitar players and their callused fingers.

Also, I play with pro-mark's "natural" stick. That was certainly a contributing factor as well.


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As other posters said, with time your hands and fingers should toughen up. On the outer edge of my right pointer finger I have a callus about the size and thickness of a shirt button that's been there for twenty years. I usually only blister when using Zildjian DIP sticks, because the rubber usually bubbles up and causes excess friction.

Anthony Amodeo

you should have an instructor look at your grip (I always hated that word "grip" because it suggests grasping something tightly which we should never or very very rarely do ....but none the less that is what holding the stick is called)


blister are caused by friction do to poor technique or hours of bashing very hard while squeezing the stick......which would also amount to poor technique

with a minor adjustment or two you will never again see a blister