Newbie needs some help 😁


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Hi guys,

New to the page and to drumming all together! Guitarist of about 16 years. I'm looking to get my first electric kit and after a few days or research, I've narrowed it down to a handful. My budget isn't all out, as I said guitar is my thannng and that's where I drop most of my money 😂 I'm planning on spending around £400....

I'm hoping you guys with much more experience than me help me make the final choice on which kit to go for, I've got it down to:
Alesis nitro mesh
Alesis surge mesh
Tourtech TT 22m
Millennium 750x
WHD 600 DX

So any input and experience with these would be really helpful, and of course any other suggestions I may have missed, thanks guys
At that price point, get a used set - there should be plenty available within driving distance. Shipping shouldn't be too expensive, too. Lots of beginners buy a set and then it sits in the basement for a couple of years - capitalize on it! :D