Newbie: Help me pick my drumset - two options


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Newbie here. I’m a intermediate drummer that is looking to upgrade my drum set. I play mostly rock music, ranging from chill indie rock to more heavy stuff. Currently I play on a Pearl Export 5 piece. I’m considering two different kits being sold on craigslist, both of them Gretsch (I know that’s the brand I want to go with).

I’m not too familiar with the prices/types of drums, but both looked like pretty good deals. The first one is being sold for $1000 with a lot of extras, the second one is $900 and looks to be in great condition.

Here are the links: - $1000 -$900

I’m looking for opinions on which would be the best deal.

I know it’s annoying to be a first time poster and just ask for help, but I’m hoping in the future I could be more involved in this community.


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My vote would have goes for the Catalina Birch instead of the Maple but the maple deal is better.

Ask anyone who own or did own a Catalina Birch and they will tell you this little kit is killer. One on the best affordable kit to ever step in the market. No comparaison with its maple cousin but sometimes you have to go with mind & reason.
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Are the cymbals on the maple that much better than the birch?

Also - what do you think about the pearl snare on that set? How does a pearl piccolo compare to the gretsch snare?