Newbie =D


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Hey guys,

Little bit about me.
I'm from Jacksonville Florida.
I surf all day basically and for about 6 months I've been a reggae band, Milestone.

Our album is called, "Grow Your Stimulus Package."

Pretty sick cover too =D
I'm 14. I have a metal drum set even though I play reggae.
D-Drum Diablo Bassess. Tama Stagestar High, Medium, and floor tom as long as the snare being the Tama.

I also homemade a floor tom. And plus a Peace Demolition Custom Medium tom.
Everything has Attack heads, except the snare has the evans revers dot snare head.
Cymbals- B8 14" crash and 14" hihats. Plus Zil'djian 20" ZXT ride. Im working for 17" crash and 20" crash and trying to get a new drum set but times are tight with money...

Hell I bought that drum set for 350 bucks.

Anyway new episode of The Office on, gotta catch that =DDD