Newb A2E questions


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I'm contemplating how to make my kit a little quieter. It doesn't need to be dead quiet, just not leave my house and sound loud inside the neighbor's as it does with a full acoustic. I also really want it to feel like a real kit, so skills I develop on it translate to normal acoustic drums. I ordered some L80 hats and they are fun to play on, and I have some drum-tec pro mesh heads on the way, which I understand to have a pretty realistic feel and still some sound to them. I still think there's a good chance it won't sound good enough and be as satisfying to play as a full acoustic though, so I'm trying to understand what would be involved in adding triggers and a module. I think I should be able to buy triggers and a module and just cable them together, right? Which module and triggers would you guys recommend? I don't want to waste money, but I'm willing to spend to get a good result too.

Finally, any opinions/thoughts on triggering L80 style cymbals? Is the Zildjian gen16 the only game in town pretty much? If so, I think I'd have to buy the Zildjian module and wire the cymbals to that, then run that to the drum module?


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A good result in sound is only achieved by playing great sounding sample libraries like packs from SuperiorDrummer, BFD, etc... Edrum module sounds are shitty machinegunning plastic (perhaps with the exception of MimicPro) so you'll have to learn about triggering software.
Gen16 again is so ugly... Try metal cym pads like Jobeky or Field if rubber cym pads are NoGo.