New Zildjian cymbals


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K Con Bounce and Over Hammered Rides look and sound beautiful, as if there wasn't enough K Cons to chose from already...


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wow based on the sound of the youtube videos I reeeeeally wanna try the K efx crashes. I'd be cool to have an EFX crash infront of me as my main crash (to compliment my 17"&18" K Custom Dark Crashes).

must.....try out......or....impulsively buy..........



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The bounce ride sounds amazing....I went to one of the Zildjian Factory Tour stops in San Antonio and tried out all of those cymbals a few months ago....(they were proto types then)....The Bounce ride and the ultra hammered ride were my two favorites and as I was deciding which one to buy...some dude came by an picked BOTH of them up...Lucky bastard....there was special pricing at the clinic so he got both the cymbals for under $400USD....both 22"...It was a blessing in disguise however, because had I bought one, my wife would not have let me live long enough to play it.