New York City practice spaces.


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Quick thought for any NYC drummers on the forum.

Was wondering if anyone could explain some different ways of practicing in the Big Apple. Most of the housing in the 5 boroughs are apartment, condo, and loft style housing, right? Maybe a few houses outside of Manhattan? I don't know for sure... but, it definitely seems that almost all of the housing is in close proximity from each other. So, if you can't really practice the way you want to, with possibly an acoustic kit, how does everyone do it? I was thinking that renting a rehearsal space and sharing the rent with 4 or 5 other people might be an idea? I'm pretty sure that's what a lot of LA cats do.



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Check out the music building, I think its on 38th street 8th ave you get a room or share a room with 247 acces....Many of the rehersal place charge drummers reduced rates for solo practice... There used to be a pruduct called the whisper room you by it and put it up in your place and its sound proof. But it was not cheap, and you hvae a big box in your liviing space... I know of a guy who bulit his own room in his place.. There used to be a place across and down the steet from SIR studios that had great rates