New User Looking for The Pro Drummers Discussion Thread

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the forum and I was wondering if there is a discussion post on here where professional drummers and other full time musicians discuss issues and exchange advice/stories? I did a brief search but couldn't find one.

If there is could someone send me the link? Cheers!



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Check the drummers section :p

About 20 pro drummers will answer questions, share advice, and chat. They each have their own thread in the drummers section.
Sorry, let me explain what I meant more clearly but thanks for the message :)

I'm not really looking to ask questions to famous drummers (though I'll probably take advantage of that). I'm a full time professional drummer in Canada and I make my living playing a lot of corporate gigs, weddings, festivals, bars etc.. and I also do occasional studio work and drum chart writing. I'm looking to connect and chat with other drummers and musicians who are in the same boat as me in order to exchange gig stories and share experiences so we can help each other out or just laugh about funny gig experiences. So I'm not necessarly looking for the section where we ask famous drummers questions (though I'd be glad to chat with Vinnie Colaiuta anytime!) Just wondering if there is an on going thread where people throw stories around about the "biz" If you know what I mean. if you know of a thread like this or you would like to help me get one going let me know. Hope to chat you with you soon and thanks again for the messages.



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Everyone kinda chats in whatever forum section is appropriate, just pose a question or story or remark and the discussion will ensue! You'll find a wide variety of players from around the world, playing virtually every genre and gig type. Some are amatuer, some semi-pro, some full-time, others teach, some are in the industry. Some are younger, some older, some guys, some gals. It's 'the whole enchilada' as we say south of your border.