New (used) chad smith snare!


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so my custom drum company who i got my new kit from had a used pearl chad smith snare for sale for $100, after some elbow grease, and $30 for new top and bottom skins, shes good to go!

specs: Pearl Chad Smith Signature Snare (14x5), Evans Genera HD Dry top, Evans Hazy 300 bottom



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That's a great snare! I think it's the best Pearl snare I've heard so far...

I had to choose between that one and a DW black nickel over brass snare. I went with the DW, but I was impressed with the character and fullness that the Chad Smith model had. Nice snag!


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Hey, I just bought that same snare used. Funny story, when I bought it I tried it out new in a sotre in Barrie. and It was 300 bucks so I was thinking hmm kinda low on dough. In the same store in the used gear section there she was again not a mark on it for 160 bucks. Didn't think twice. Favorite snare now. Sounds awsome!