New UFIP review - Bionic series


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As promised, here's the third and final instalment from the lovely people over at - the Bionics!

Personally, those crashes are some of my absolute favourites. Powerful and LOUD if required, but also incredibly useful lower down the volume scale. Heavy and clunky they most certainly are not.



I think I've probably said it before, but it seems to me that it's usually the thin, quick cymbals that win cymbal contests in stores. They tend to sound the best just standing in front of them,usually played alone. That being said, the Bionics I have played have always sounded much better in context, played with other instruments so that you can see how well they blend and project in an electric environment. I think that this is the one missing ingredient from this review that would really demonstrate how well they shine.

Thank you for submitting these pies to them for review.