new toys

I have been away far to long. Hey again everybody! How is everyone?

So i got myself an early christmas present...

Sabain aax v crashes and 18" and a 16"

So far i love them. Beautiful finish and sound. Any opinions on these?

My zildjian crashes finally gave up the ghost so it was time to replace and no time like the present lol. Making the cross over to the dark side, going to start thinning out my zils in favor of all sabian. Much more of the tone im digging atm.


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No experience with those, but it's good you're liking them.

I've got a couple Sabians and Paistes, but mostly Zildjians. They all have their strong points.


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There are some great deals out there on those two crashes. Enjoy those fine musical instruments. Peace and goodwill.


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Excellent choice! Sabians are great cymbals and yes they are pretty. My 16 " AAX X-plosion Fast Crash is one of two cymbals I'll never sell. The other is an 18" XS-20 Medium Crash. I use it for pretty much everything. I love their sounds. This year's Birthday and X-mas to myself was a Paiste 20" 2002 ride and a 2002, 19" Med. Crash. Great for rock, but I'm still trying to get used to the coppery color and big red decals. NOT as pretty, but they bring a classic rock sound. Enjoy!


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I was wondering if these were re-named Vault crashes or a whole new AAX line? I hear the silver in them makes them brighter or something?? I have the AAX dark crash and really love it.


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I bought a set of those about two months ago and I really like them. Can't beat the price either. $299 for two pro-level crashes? I couldn't pass them up!