New toys for from christmas time


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So with a new phone with a better camera i decided to take some new photos of my kit and my new pearl demon drive double.

Kits specs are:

Sonor S Classix: Walnut roots Finish
24x17.5 BD (stock batter, sonor remo pinstripe reso)
12x9 tom (evans g2 batter, sonor stock reso)
16x16 FT (evans g2 batter, sonor stock reso)

Highwood: Copper Pearl Finish
14x5.5 Steambent solid maple snare (evans reverse centre coated batter head, evans 300 hazy reso, puresound 30 strand snare wire.)

15" K dark Crash

14" K custom dark hi hats
17" K custom dark crash

19" K custom hybrid china
20" K custom hybird ride


Pearl Demon drive double pedal
tama ergo rider throne
pearl and tama stands.



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I can't even describe how jealous I am lol. I played a smaller Sonor kit in a local SamAsh and I was amazed on how good it sounded. Plus, I want that Hyrbrid ride! =)


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Shes a beauty...Unreal finish on you kit my friend....And the pedal is amazing............Cheers......from jersey


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there so many messy sets , that it's really nice to see a clean set like yours .

by the way , nice selection of cymbals and bass drum size