New Tom Heads - Tama SC Birch

Jon B

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Greetings all! I'm in search of some new heads for my Starclassic birch drums, toms in particular. I hope this is the right place and an acceptable thread, I've not posted in the last 6-7 years if memory serves (life got very busy)! After a 5 year hiatus in playing, I'm able to play regularly again. Also different that 5 years ago, I'm no longer a broke kid, so I can actually put all new heads on my drums for the first time ever, and I'm really excited. Given that there's probably been some new heads released in the last few years, I wanted to ask here before pulling the trigger.

I've been considering Emperors, Force Tens, Performance IIs, and maybe Black Chromes. I mostly play metal, punk, rock, and a little bit of blues/southern rock if I'm filling in for someone. I'd really like to get a low pitch and a lot of attack, but without sacrificing body/tone/sustain if possible. I had pinstripes at one point and while they had plenty of attack, they had almost no tone, not a fan. Also, I'd like something that will work well with my birch drums. I've never had all new heads all around on them, so I think it will be real nice to hear them at their best. I've tried everything but the black chrome, and I think I like the force tens the most, but I worry about them being too thick to get good tone unless I really lay into them. That isn't a problem, I'm a heavier hitter (thanks marching band) but I just figured it would be worth asking on here.

I'm happy to descirbe my experience with heads more, or give more of a talk on what I'm looking for if anyone wants. I'm 100% open to suggestions as well, just fire away!


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If you like the Force Tens but are afraid they're too thick, why not try the Response 2? 7+7-mil instead of 10+10-mil.


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My Starclassic Performers came new with G2 batters over G1 resonants...

Hard to beat that combo for what you are describing,


I’m with Mongrel - G2 over G1, that combo worked well on my Pearl Masters BRX, I used this for years when I played in a loud grunge influenced band. You could also go with Emperors over Ambassadors if you prefer Remo.


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I have a Tama B/B and have just switched to Remo colourtones up top (over clear g1) - basically Emporers but much cooler looking ( which isn't really that important) but I am delighted with the sound, deep ,full tone,plenty of attack but not 'plasticky' if that makes sense...
Did I mention how cool they look?:LOL:


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Emperors/G2 batters with ambassador G1 resonants will get you more tone and resonance than the pinstripes and should at least make you temporarily happy with your tone.


EC2 over G1 will give you the same concept as the G2/G1 combo except cut out a minor amount of overtones and focus your punch, like a pinstripe for example. Also, don't discount hydraulics. You may like their depth and attack with those shells.

I typically would use and suggest single ply heads but mentioned the above to follow the trend of the thread. With that said, try the g12. They give you the durability and slight pitch increase of two ply heads but allow more resonance and natural tone like a single ply head. I love them for snares and floor toms but they work just as well for smaller drums.