New to me Ludwigs


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Nice - bring on the thunder.

You could also convert the 18 to a bass drum when you get it, so you could use it either way.


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I'm totally digging the look and sizes of this kit. And I am sure the sound will follow with a new set of tom batters - coated PS4 just isn't my thing. I'll likely go with coated Emperors, Aquarian texture coated, or clear blackdots.
Also, a 6.5" B/O Super Sensitive has just popped up on my local classifieds for a more than reasonable price. But I just bought a drum kit, and a snare, and I'm looking at a significant rent increase starting next month. So the prudent thing would be to pass on that one.


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Some nice vintage Paistes as well, 505 if i identify them correctly right?
I got the set for an absolute steal a few months ago. I wasn't really looking to buy any new cymbals at the time, but at the price I paid, I couldn't pass them up. 16", 18", 20" crashes (the 16" works well as a hihat top with a heavy trans stamp A Zildjian bottom), 18" china type, 22" ride.
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