New to me Ludwigs


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I picked up this 6-ply B/O Ludwig kit last week. 24", 14", 16" (not in the setup yet, as the seller didn't have the legs for it) 18".
With my Keystone Badge Acrolite

And Paiste 505's

Classic - love it!!!


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Nice kit. I had a 6 ply kit in 26, 13, 16, 18. Great drums.


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I'm totally digging the look and sizes of this kit. And I am sure the sound will follow with a new set of tom batters - coated PS4 just isn't my thing. I'll likely go with coated Emperors, Aquarian texture coated, or clear blackdots.
Also, a 6.5" B/O Super Sensitive has just popped up on my local classifieds for a more than reasonable price. But I just bought a drum kit, and a snare, and I'm looking at a significant rent increase starting next month. So the prudent thing would be to pass on that one.


Love this!! they must sound thunderous ?


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Some nice vintage Paistes as well, 505 if i identify them correctly right?

I got the set for an absolute steal a few months ago. I wasn't really looking to buy any new cymbals at the time, but at the price I paid, I couldn't pass them up. 16", 18", 20" crashes (the 16" works well as a hihat top with a heavy trans stamp A Zildjian bottom), 18" china type, 22" ride.


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I really like that setup! Peace and goodwill.


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Love em. They give off a great vibe. Good luck.


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I really like all of the stands. Have fun with those cool musical instruments. Peace and goodwill.