New to me kit on the way !


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That's a beautiful Valentines day present, but how are you going to fit that monstrosity on her finger?

I kid. Congratulations on the new kit. Looking forward to hearing some audio.
Congratulations O5. IIRC, one of the missed kits was an 8-piece Sonor Ascent (?) so I’m sure missing that 7-piece Tama in SIB the other day must have stung sorely. ? But, all your hard work finally paid off with a great deal on a beautiful (sounding & looking) kit. Excellent score.

Given your service to the U.S. and dedication to your family, this small reward is well deserved. Enjoy your time playing them & shaking off a little rust... it’s probably just surface, and you’ll polish up nicely. (y)

Yes , you are correct , almost 2years ago this April that sonor deal fell through. There were maybe 4 others from then until that missed NOS 7 piece bb in Smokey indigo burst the other day( not gonna lie , I was crushed) and really wanted that kit . Someone bought it 30 min before me ? . Then 2 or 3 days later landed this 6 piece starclassic. So 8 then seven and now six . If things went on that way much longer I guess I’d eventually be down to just getting a snare ?. Thanks for the help and info in our pm’s,... much appreciated ??.
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That is a beautiful kit, congratulations!