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Hello all,
Im Emmett and just now found these forums as I was looking for some gear reviews and a link took me to the fourms. Im joining bcause I love playing, would like to make some new pals, get advice from hands on drummers, and share experiences and such. Just made my account so I still need to fill in everything on my profile and all, but Im very much looking forward to participating in coversations, and such here.
Looking forward to hangin with you all
Emmett R hall


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Welcome, you've come to the right place! There's tremendous combined experience on just about every drumming topic, from a variety of players at virtually all levels.

Always a good idea to do a search first, many topics have been discussed at length and those threads often contain the best info, as opposed to starting a new thread (where some members are unwilling to chime in since they've done so a few times in other threads.) Such topics include, but are not limited to, endorsements, the concept of 'less is more', v-drums vs acoustic drums, and whether Ringo was really so great. (hint: he was!)




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hanx man, Did some searching earlier but didn't find what I was looking for. still to new to the boards and people to post and ask questions about stuff. All good. I appreciate yer welcome man.