new to drumming

mr brandon

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hey guys, I am a newb so i was wondering if you guys could point me in the direction of some good equipment. I have toyed around on drumsets the last year of two and figured out some cool beats and fills and stuff, but i just moved and have a set here that i can practice on everyday. The only decent part of the set is the cymbals, but the toms suck and the double bass pedal is mismatched, and the snare is hoooorrrible. The first things i want to replace are the bass pedals and snare. Portnoy is the guy that inspired me to play, so if I could get a snare and stuff to sound similar that would be cool. I'm not trying to become a portnoy clone, but i figure having similar sounding equipment to my role model is a good starting point. So what do you guys suggest for a snare and bass pedals? Price isn't THAT much of an issue, but it can't be custom shop price or anything like that.


You might hate me for this, but i'm really terrible with equipment for drumming.... But anyway... I bought a pearl double pass 2 years ago, and its lasting me pretty well. Does the job well enough. Hoping to get a DW9000 db pedal, but im short on cash. But seeing as cash isnt much of an issue for you, you should check it out :p

If I remember correctly, Mike Portnoys signature snare is a Tama snare? If so, possibly look for a good tama snare, or just buy the sig model ;)

I've spent ages trying to get some dream theater stuff, and i finally have it. The music, as well as the drumming, is influencing me so much right now. Love it.

But yes. Have a look, say what you're thinking.