New to Drumming: NewB Questions.


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I am close to you in age and just starting out myself after about 30 years on guitar. This forum has been absolutely awesome.
As someone who doesn't have any "real-time/in-house drummer people" around here to help with the initial colossal issue of setup, I gotta say:

Don't look at the "Tom Angles" thread!

Damn...You're gonna look now aren't you?
I warned you,


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I started drumming at age 47 - I'm 61 now. I also taught myself - no dedicated lessons, but I do have a good friend who played drums for many years who *coached* me a little bit. I'd advocate a teacher or a coach if you can get one.

I also recommend learning the rudiments, but as has been previously mentioned, have some fun too. I *practiced* to easy songs like you'd find from AC/DC, Creedence Clearwater Revival and others. Don't expect to play along to Rush for a while. ;) As your rudiment *vocabulary* builds, you'll start finding them in the songs you play along with - that was a real revelation and confidence builder for me. The more you listen and play along, you'll start hearing the rudiments played across several drums in the kit (not just on the snare!) - again, another milestone for me.

Sometimes, a short break is good. A couple of days or even a week if you're not *feeling* it. When taking a break, actively *listen* to music and especially the drums as they relate to the music. Hear how things fit together and how each musician plays for the total synergistic good of the song. There's a lot of learning in listening, even if you're not banging the drums. It took me a while to learn to "stay in the pocket" and not step on the vocals or other instrumental solos. If all you ever do is learn to play the pocket, your band members will thank you when the time comes.

But most of all, have fun!