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In a different thread I suggested a thread for newer players to, if interested, post recordings of their playing. Not solely my idea, I have seen it suggested here in one way or another previously.
I am fairly new to drumming as a lifetime activity, and I know I am not the only newer/less skilled/less experienced player here- I am also open to constructive useful critique, which I would hope could be the purpose of such a thread for all.

Anybody else have any interest in such a thread? Free of malice, all about support, encouragement, and teaching from the more skilled members here? Newer/less skilled drummers can post recordings (audio or video) with questions, or offer progress reports, etc...?
Or is that just the technique section?

Thanks. :)


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Anybody can post their playing in Your Playing. I’ve posted my crappy videos for years- gotten great critiques and people here are supportive of us novice players .I was so nervous snd insecure posting my first. I think I’ve improved from all the help and definitely gotten more bold to try things way above my skill level to push myself. It can be intimidating to post because all the stellar videos . But if I didn’t post something Of me playing most people would think I’m not a drummer- and either full of crap or a lunatic ROFL. But no you can be all three.


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Fair enough. :)


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The idea of a designated thread for newbies sounds great - can I post too though technically I’ve played a long time I’m still in learning stages. But I tried to post my videos on a single thread and I didnt keep up with it. Maybe a “newbie tag” so like a qualifier this person is new and needs our support and useful suggestions . A laid back lounge for newbies- so no pressure -and let’s play drums. I like seeing our forum members post their videos.


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I only have audio at the moment, but I might post it anyway...

Rock Salad

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I have posted some pretty rough stuff, and people found stuff to like and easy tips to help me improve. Thanks again! I'll post more hopefully soon


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I wish more would post in "Your playing" Im always wanting to learn. Its helpful at least to me if sheet music is attached.

Isnt that why you became a member?
I just ran across a box in the cellar with some high school stuff, including a few sheets of 2/4 snare drum rudiments from circa 1981 handwritten and everything. We had to hand copy to practice how to write music.
Wish I still had more, it’d be fun to see how badly I butchered transposing an entire song for all of the jazz ensemble. If I run across any more I’ll post here.



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