New Teaching Position ***NEED ADVICE***


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Good day to all!!

I work full time for a technology company and have an opportunity to change careers and teach drums full time. I have taught in the past but it was for a summer camp when I was pretty young. I certainly know what goes into teaching and I love to do it but I was curious if any of you had any advice for, for lack of a better word, a begginer teacher.

I have ideas and certainly know how to give instruction but do you have any tips on how to stay orginized from student to student? What to recommend that they do in their spare time outside of classes and pretty much anything that keeps the environment fun.

This post is more of a "gather ideas from all" kind of post so I can be the best teacher for these kids. My lack of experience is only a concern because I would be going from no students to 8 or more students a day in 30 min sessions. Thanks much for reading and I hope to hear from you soon!