New TD-30!


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I know the hardware is top-notch and stuff but I think they need to rethink their whole plan. Drumit5 and Alesis dm10 pro really are showing roland up for the con artists they are. Not to mention just how cheap and easy these pads are to make.
I think the drumit 5 and alesis dm10 actually sound better. more realistic.
Td20 sounds like a td20 and for that money you shouldn't be able to tell. I think a carefully played alesis has more chance fooling a listener than the roland stuff. Plus if you can usb both of them and use superior drummer then what exactly does the roland have to offer the acoustic drummer?
Probably great for pop and drum n bass etc

What do you think?


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The thing I've noticed is, that we musicians, have a mindset in which we "see what we pay for"... GEAR, HARDWARE... how much it costs to make... but with electronics, it's not the GEAR per se we're paying for... it's the software, the technology... it costs a lot to develop... with acoustics, heck, YOU PAY for the materials and the craftsmanship... that's it.

Be it as it may, yes, it could be cheaper... but I guess that's why they develop the segments.

RMANDLEBAUM, I tried the TD-30... honestly if you already have a TD 20 I see very little justification to drop the TD-20 and going for it... they are very similar.

Also it's a rather cumbersome thing... takes almost as much space as an acoustic kit... it is a professional instrument all the way.... tailored for customization of very specific needs... and honestly, I believe it's where drums are going... in a few years MANY more live gigs will be played on systems like those... if you're luckyu enough to have one as a serious top level professional it's a heck of a tool!
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Mesh heads are awful. I am so glad I sold my TD20 and went with the new Yamaha silicon pads. The feel so much better. The tennis racquet bounce really screws up you your chops. The mesh kick can screw up your pedal technique too. The TD30 is ridiculously expensive. There are a lot of guys going goo-goo ga-ga over the "new" sounds of the TD30 over on I think it still sounds horrible compared to triggering Superior Drummer. If people want to drop 7k for more of the same from Roland, then by all means have at it.


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Just ordered the Roland TD-30 KVS. It cost $6,800.
The kit is very versatile. I can play to any music at any time day or night without my neighbors even hearing me.


I just had the opportunity to play the Roland TD 30KV this afternoon, what a hoot. If I would have had an extra $6500 USD in my pocket, it would have been mine. I did buy another bass drum pedal though, lol.



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I believe it's where drums are going... in a few years MANY more live gigs will be played on systems like those... if you're luckyu enough to have one as a serious top level professional it's a heck of a tool!
I am now playing more and more gigs with a conga instead of the full kit. The owners of the clubs/ bars/ sewer pits we play at, are calling them acoustic gigs, but really they want to control the volume of the acoustic drum kits.

I too believe that with the improvements to the electronic drum kits like the TD-30, more kits will be electronic in the next few years. Also as in many electronic devices, the cost when they first arrive is much higher than it would be in a few years. I look forward to being able to get that technology at an affordable price.

I hope I am not duplicating this link, that is not my intent.


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What annoys me a little bit is that they talk about the TD-30 as if it has more to offer than an acoustic kit. Like the on board keyboard, which is really not an expansion but a drag and an insult to any fan of live music. The kick drum still sounds totally fake like it is made out of plastic, i can hear from a mile that it's not real. The cymbals are a bit better, but they still choke very unnaturally. It still has that hospital sound, that fake clean white paper crap that real drumming has nothing to do with. If you really want to spend some serious money, don't settle for a TD-30 but buy a car, a middle priced acoustic set + some brushes instead!