New student


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I picked up a student with an intersting story.

He got paralyzed in an accident last year... at least doctors told him he would be for life, but actually has fully recovered except for one thing...his hands. Presently, he can't hold sticks but can move his fingers. Everything else is back to normal...

He is (and was previous his accident) a musician of the singer/songwriter type. He could play piano, and still does a little (mainly major chords while singing) and could play guitar. During a religious event he went to, he got on a drumset and someone duct taped sticks to his hands, and he played.

From my first two sessions with him, he is actually much more naturally drum-talented than I thought. He plays bare-handed but can pick up basic the moderate beats. His mind is very proicient with time and already undertands the need to train himself to become more independent (left to right, top to bottom).

I am enjoying being his teacher and want to be able to find a way for him to play with sticks because he is frustrated with having to compensate for the lack thereof.

Any ideas?