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Scored a 5" supraphonic from a pawn shop last month. I ended up getting choosey and swiped the 60's throw and buttplate for another snare. Now I am left with some hoops, 10 imperial lugs and a P86 throw. Pondering a new custom snare project. Now all I need is a shell...

I was looking for a used 6.5 supra shell but it seems that they never go up for sale. Wanted some feedback on my musings for shell selection. Reached out to a couple of custom shell builders, Allstar can't make a shell with a center bead, Jenkins doesn't sell raw shells and Tempus shells are too pricey.

right now I'm going between:

Trick Aluminum shell:

Worldmax 8" shell:

Acrylic snare:

Any ideas for a hack-supra project? I like the idea for the aluminum shell and I was wondering how the shell would sound with full roundover eges. Is this a viable project or should I just sell off the lugs and start again? Would Imperial lugs look funny on a non-beaded shell?

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I think that Black Dawg one is smokin', and will look great with Imperial lugs.
The aluminum one is Ok but doesn't appear to have any bearing edge yet?
Acyrlic? Not so good a look IMO.

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I wouldn't get the acrylic... otherwise depends what you already own and what look you prefer I guess.

I was gonna suggest spaun (love their finishes) but their site doesn't mention anything about selling shells separately.

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Good point Dre, I probably should have mentioned what kind of sound I'm going for. I like deeper snares with a nice, open sound. My favorite snares are the ones with good responce at lower dynamics. I suppose that I like jazzy and older sounding drums. I already have 3 wood snares so I've been wanting to try something new out.

Thanks for the replies thus far.

A bronse Allstar shell is another option although they don't offer it with a center bead:


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Put the supra hardware on the Black Hawg shell. Your going to get a drum that sounds very similar to a Black Beauty
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The aluminum shell would be tops IMO but also expensive unless you have a way to mill aluminum. The Acrylic would do good also but you have to be real careful drilling acrylic. For me it would be between those two but lean more towards the aluminum shell, if I were starting a new project but yeah imperial lugs might look funny on a non beaded snare so your best option might be the black brass, I have a Black Magic 8 x 14 and love it, keep up posted.

This would be a cheaper way to go aluminum.
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DfD will mill bearing edges and snare beds in that for you but it'll cost $100 extra. I say go for the WorldMax.