New snare for my piccolo


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Ok guys it that time for a new snare head. I got 13 by 3.5 inch steel snare drum and and have no clue what kind of head to put on any suggestions would be awsome. I play mostly Rock, Blues, and a little pit a punk.


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Your snare's too small for an authentic blues-rock-punk sound, but if that's what you need to live with, get a clear Ambassador snareside resonant and a coated Ambassador batter. Tune them to a medium-high tension and muffle as needed.
Yeah I've a slightly bigger piccolo and use that mix for a wicked sound.
You might wanna look at an Emperor/G2 too, they're a bit harder to tune but give a better crack. It could benefit you to youtube yukihiro (from the band L'arc~en~Ciel), he uses the Emperor on a snare exactly the same size as yours and it sounds damn good.