New snare drum

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That's a bargain. How does it sound?


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FYI ......did some research before I bought and this drum from very late 50s to about 1962 was made by Kent when they didn't cut corners and used good maple and quality metal on their hardware. Unlike later years when the drums flet really light and flimsy, this one is as heavy as any Ludwig from the same time period. I lucked out and the WMP wrap is excellent with light yellowing which I like. Now to find a good Premier steel shelll....


Everything about it is awesome except one thing: that is some of the worst lug splay I've ever seen. Nice drum besides that though and if it doesn't give you and tuning troubles then don't worry about it.

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My parents bought me a Kent snare drum around 1964/65 ,orange sparkle,from TSS in Brooklyn NY.Man i was Living Hi , dont have the drum any more, still have the cheap brown flannel drum case with a Great Brass Zipper !! LOL


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Nice! Enjoy playing it. Peace and goodwill.