New snare drum - horror story included.


Hey guys.

I took my snare into work the other day to show one of the other drum-tech's from one of our other locations. Anyways, I was leaving and set my snare drum down on the roof of my car for a second. I then proceeded to put everything else in my car, get in and drive off.....with my snare drum still on top of my car. I didn't realize until I got to our gig that night what I had done, and after I re-traced my path 3.5 times and mis-took a hubcap on the interstate as my drum, I officially gave up. At this point I'm just hoping whoever finds it can get more use out of it than I will. That marked the end of my 3 year stint on my Ludwig Maple Piccolo, so somebody else got a $300 blessing Saturday evening!

ANYWAYS, at this point I'm in a bit of a pinch. We're going into the studio tomorrow, and I need a shallow snare that will cut through well in a reggae band. We've had a Tama Soprano Steel Snare (13" x 4") in-store that I've wanted since before I started working there, but haven't had any need for. At this point...I have need, major need as I will be recording in less than 24 hours from now. While I am in for my shift I plan on purchasing the snare, as it sounds absolutely fantastic with factory heads, as well as factory tunings.

I'll be paying somewhere in the neighborhood of $80, and my band offered to pay half out of the band fund to help me so I'm basically pay $40 for a new snare.

Just wanted to know if anyone had any experience with these snare drums.


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Look man it's not rocket science. A drum is a drum, you hit it and it moves air. You said yourself that you like this drum. So it doesn't matter what we think. The price is right and you like the drum. It's just that simple. Buy it and take better care of it. Maybe attach a magnet to the underside in case you leave it on your car roof again.


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I left my briefcase full of my Military discharge papers on the roof of my buddies car the day I was leaving Berlin Germany. We had gone about a mile before I remembered it. I couldn't believe all of these German folks were waving goodbye to me, even as friendly as they were. After retreiving my case off to the airport we went. Just be glad it was a material, replaceable object, and not something human. Buy the new snare and good luck in the future.


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I've noticed there seems to be this thing especially in America where you lot always seem to think that your car's roof is some sort of table? Ahh well i suppose it could happen to anyone, you've just got to be more careful next time. Larry is right, it could be a Performance Percussion snare drum, if you like it though then who cares what we think?!


Well I just purchased it, $146 with new heads and everything with my employee discount. It'll cost me $73, as the band is off-setting half of my cost.

The only reason I asked was whether there were any parts I'd be needing to replace in the long-run that people who had experience with this snare might have had in the past.

Evans 300 Hazy on the snare side, Aquarian Texture coated w/ Power Dot on top. Sounds killer - going into the studio tonight with it.
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