New Sliding Flip Flops doubles foot technique

Saw this and had to share. I have to listen to it without video a few times to appreciate the speed, if I watched it I become transfixed with the pedal mods and footwear.

I can't tell how fast he's going, maybe near to 300bpm?

I had been practising double strokes and came to the end of it at about 200bpm with the gear I use and the volume I wanted (no triggers) and thought that was my limit. Now I'm off to buy a hacksaw and some summer footwear.


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pretty crazy. I've never tried slide technique with both feet. seems like a bit less control and tightness..... impressive none the less.... id like to see him do it closer to 250 and see if its a bit tighter


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Cool video ;-)

Geez, you aren't that good at math, are you? I wasn't either, but in this case it's rather not difficult.

He starts off having the met @ 140 bpm but plays 32nd notes. Equals 16th notes @ 280 bpm.

Then he bumps it up by 5 bpm -> met going @ 145 bpm (32nd) = 16th notes @ 290 bpm.


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I like his bastardised Iron Cobras with wooden plates. And of course the sandals.

Proves it's always the drummer, not the equipment.


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Sounds pretty cool on the "hairta" style beats, utter garbage on the roll. Very uneven. Single stroke rolls are better for that.


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I have some flip flops just like those. I have no interest in trying to play that fast though. At my age I would wind up in physical therapy for a month!