New Shells!..Damaged.


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I just got some keller shells in the mail and I'm super stoked to finally start a drum project that has sat on the back burner for way too long. However, the weirdos that packed the shells in the box hardly used any packing materials at all.. each shell was wrapped in newspaper... thats it. So, my 14" snare shell and 14" tom rode on top of each other and damaged each other's bearing edges. I'm very frustrated. The pictures are shown below.

Is this something that I can sand out and forget about? I could sacrifice and cut off a 1/16" of an inch to just cut it off all together... Do you think its light enough to get cut off when I cut the bearing edge?

OR should I do some complaining and get new shells?.. Aside from the bearing edge damage. My 16" floor tom and bass drum shells are not perfectly in round. Its only a difference of an 1/8" between the two axis but still, the other shells are perfect.. is that something I can complain about too?

Thanks for the advice guys. I appreciate it.



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Me personally they'd be replacing them. Have a hard time paying for shells like that to have to take a sander to them to fix a poor packing issue that resulted in damage. As for out of round I'd be addressing that as well. If it were me I'd be making a phone call on Thursday (not sure who all is open on July 4) and getting some new shells sent my way.


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Definitely complain! And get new ones from them, at their cost!

As a side note, the angle on the bearing edge looks wrong (angled outward instead of inward), am I missing something?


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As a side note, the angle on the bearing edge looks wrong (angled outward instead of inward), am I missing something?
Looks flat to me. Doubt the edges have been cut yet.

That first pic is abhorrent. I'd pack 'em up and send 'em back without a doubt.


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Yeh, I would be getting the damaged shells replaced considering its not your fault they didnt pack them very good, as for the out of round, 1/8 difference is only 1/16 out of round and well within acceptable limits and more than likely will come closer to round when the heads are evenly tightened over the bearing edges.


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No bearing edges have not been cut. I plan on putting my own rounded 45s on all of these.

Why would it be MY fault THEY didn't pack it right? Its their product they are trying to get to me, the customer. Simply bubble wrap instead of newspaper would have prevented all of this.

Yea.. as for roundness I two measurement I took on the 20" kick were 19-15/16" and 19-13/16". For the 16" floor 15-15/16" and 15-13/16". If that's within the acceptable range then I let it slide i guess, but my other shells are perfect.

I send them an email tomorrow, and call on Thursday.


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unfortunately that's common. at my old job they would get 2 pallets of shells with no packing protection, they have to stack same size shells on top of each other.

you can either:

- glue them up then cut your edges

- the damage might be cut off when you do the edges anyway

- or complain to them. this would be my first choice. odds are they won't want the shells back.


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That's a bummer :( Even if cutting the damaged sections away when forming the bearing edges leaves enough depth in the shell, I'd still request replacements. The simple fact is, you didn't order damaged goods, so you shouldn't accept them. Also draw attention to the out of round shells. It's up to the supplier to work out whether that happened during shipping or not. With modern super processed ply shells, there's no excuse for a shell being out of round. According to my personal standards, 1/8" out of round is not acceptable for a newly manufactured shell.